Philippines Canada Trade Council

The Philippines Canada Trade Council (PCTC) was established in 1983 as a non-stock, non-profit organization, registered under the Federal Laws of Canada, for the promotion of trade and investment between the Philippines and Canada. 

Vision: To be the leading non-governmental association in Canada promoting and assisting trade and business between Canada and the Philippines.


  • To promote fellowship among Filipino and Canadian professionals and businesspersons in Canada and the Philippines. 
  • To encourage and foster the advancement of understanding and goodwill among the Filipino and Canadian professionals and businesspersons.
  • To represent, express and give effect to various opinions of the Members and the Philippine business community in Canada regarding trade, commerce, finance, industry and other related matters.
  • To gather and provide general information on matters that relate to trade and commerce or other undertakings of interest to the Members and the community.
  • To take an active involvement in the civic, social and general welfare and well-being of the Filipino communities in Canada.